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How it started

Thanks for visiting.  I am Michel Morgan, a lawyer in Miami, Florida, winning in my personal and professional life by practicing exercise strength training and long distance running, which I like to call, “marathon therapy”. Currently, I am completing the six Abbot World Marathon Majors in New York, Chicago, Boston, London, Berlin, and Tokyo.  I was born in Houston, Texas, and raised in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  My parents have always made exercise an important part of their lives, and I grew up under that influence.  My father, in particular, who is also a lawyer, is an avid nutrition and exercise enthusiast.  When I saw how he literally cured his illnesses by leading a more plant-based and fitness-focused lifestyle, I became convinced and extremely motivated to do the same.

As a woman, however, I realized that we have unique struggles in meeting even medically recommended exercise goals while balancing everything else happening in our lives (parenting, volunteering, professional obligations etc.)  These struggles are not made any easier by the exercise and nutrition available to us that is often too complicated. My goal for Esquirefit is to decipher this information for practical use.  For the most part, I use the same research and analytical skills that I was taught to become a lawyer, to reach real applicable solutions on how we can lead healthier more active lifestyles, notwithstanding everything else we have to balance in our lives.  As a full-time attorney and single-parent who overcame the obstacles and excuses that most of us have, I personally know the struggle and know how to defeat them. Ultimately, I hope to and inspire and motivate women to realize that their fitness and career goals can coexist. In fact, they compliment each other!

Lawyer-Marathoner-Coach-Fitness Enthusiast

Next Steps…

Get Motivated! Please enjoy the blog and gallery and be inspired to marathon through life with me!