What’s the point?

That’s the ultimate question I asked and could not answer when I decided to improve the nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness of my life. Let me explain. My work hours were crazy, my weight was getting out of control, my clothes weren’t fitting anymore, I felt like crap! So I questioned, if I am working so hard to take care of the people I love the most, but I’m not healthy enough to have the time or energy to enjoy their company because I’m not taking care of myself- then what’s the point?

I think this is an important question in these times when there’s a heightened concern about mental health, particularly for lawyers. Ironically, as I wrote this post my assistant walked in with my copy of the January 2018 Florida Bar Journal with a cover featuring the topic- “Mental Health and Wellness”.

I also think many of you probably asked yourself a similar question, came up with no answers, then kept moving on in an unhealthy direction. I get it. I did that for a while. Please forgive yourself, and don’t be frustrated. For me, one day, as the saying goes, enough was enough, so I looked for a trainer who could help me to change my lifestyle. That was 3 years ago.

Unlike previous times, I wasn’t just looking for a good workout where I’d simply be told what to do without knowing why. I wanted to LEARN! I wanted to know the purpose of every exercise I was doing, and why I should eat certain foods and not others. My trainer deserves a lot of credit for putting up with all the questions I peppered him with in our workout sessions. Hey, I’m a lawyer, what can I say?! I’m admittedly, argumentative.

Anyway, I looked for and found a fitness facility with an education-focused approach, and this ended up being DBC Fitness, in the Miami Design District.

It was clear, that I was falling in love with fitness and nutrition. The journey has been challenging, but it’s doable. Because I’m a full-time attorney, I have to get my workouts in either before office hours, during lunch time, or after office hours. I also had to learn how to eat healthier when I’m traveling (room service menus can really break the calorie bank!) I thought I knew how to eat healthy and was completely stressed about why I couldn’t lose weight, until my trainer went through my food journal and justified why everything I was eating was bad for me. It wasn’t too long before I accepted the undeniable connection between what I was eating and how I was feeling mentally and physically. The more I committed to the process, the better I was feeling, and the more I wanted to stick to it. I even started running marathons!

As more of my colleagues started asking about my new habits, I realized that there’s a gap in the knowledge that women need to best take care of themselves. So I became inspired to provide useful nutrition and fitness knowledge specifically for professional women who have the same struggles I’ve had, and continue to have, in improving overall wellness.

Therefore, this blog is for you, my fellow busy professional women who similarly lack in the one commodity that we don’t have enough of- TIME! Every week, I’ll post a new topic on how I’m staying on top of my wellness, nutrition and weight management goals, despite having a crazy work schedule, raising a teenager, and so much more.                                     

My focus is always on doing better, versus being perfect. I hope that I can motivate some of you along the way to do the same, and trust that Esquirefit will be a community where we can support each other!